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    The subject of medals came up in another thread and that brought to mind a couple of old movies ( " The Blue Max " and also " Cross Of Iron " ). Then that reminded me of a very well made war movie from the 1960's entitled " The Battle Of Britain " where one could possibly make the case that the Rolls-Royce company saved England. Both the Spitfire and the Hurricane fighter-planes were powered by those very good RR built engines ( & those planes had to push back the German Luftwaffe ).

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    Sad to say that veteran actor Alan Rickman has passed away at age 69. He may best be remembered for playing a villain in the " Harry Potter " films. I very much liked his role in " Bottle Shock " which takes place in California's Wine Country. 

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    We have lost another actor from the UK, Frank Finlay has passed away at age 89. Finlay played a lot of supporting roles in his lifetime and was nominated for an Oscar back in 1965. Three of the films that I remember him from are: " The Shoes Of The Fisherman " ( with Anthony Quinn ), " Cromwell " ( with Richard Harris ) & " The Wild Geese " ( with Richard Burton, Roger Moore as well as Richard Harris ). Findlay was also very active in the Theatre. 

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