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    Don't know about anyone else here but I am a big fan of Akira Kurosawa's samurai movies. I watched his last epic, Ran (1985) last weekend. It's a beautiful film with no expense spared on extras to fill out the ranks of the various armies, while their commanders betray each other with no regard to the fact that they're all immediate family.

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    Thanks for the posts and for the info.

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    Oscar winning actress Patty Duke passed away the other day at age 69.

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    I forgot to add a trivia item for Patty Duke, she was also the Mom of one of the stars of the LOTR movies as well.

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    Recently I was able to get a DVD version of the film: " Tora Tora Tora ". This is a first-class war movie from 1970 and was very well made. Also included in the 2 disc set of this film are several documentaries as well, a nice set.  

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    Veteran character actor Marvin Kaplan has passed away at age 89 after a long career in the movies ( he also did some work on TV as well ). I first remember seeing Kaplan in " The Great Race ", a film that I loved in my younger days. The very funny movie " It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World " was another of Kaplan's projects.

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    Gene Wilder has passed away at age 83. Wilder played mainly in Comedies and had quite a long career. The role that stood out for me was his part in " The Silver Streak ", much of which was filmed right here in Alberta.

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    My top 11 favorite movies in no particular order...

    Blood Sport
    Kill Bill
    The Maltese Falcon
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    THX 1138
    Inglorious Bastards
    Big Trouble Little China
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    Also kudos to anyone who mentioned Akira Kurosawa or Takashi Miike Japan's greatest directors!
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    Thanks for posting a list PlayChessPoorly. I've only seen a couple of the films on your list but I certainly do like " The Maltese Falcon " as well.

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    An interesting movie that I've seen recently is called " The Big Short " featuring Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling. The film covers the problems that occurred on Wall Street back in 2008, quite a good movie. 

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    baddy, i've heard from some that the movie is almost as complicated as the process that created the collapse. for example, a few told me they would have to watch it again to "get" everything in the movie. did you find this to be the case? 

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    Thanks for the post AlCzervik. I've got the film on DVD so I've been able to watch it a couple of times. The terminology that is used in the financial industry is a bit confusing for a lot of us so I think that one should watch the film more than once.

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    Playwright Edward Albee has passed away at age 88. The reason that I've mentioned him in this thread is because of the fact that he wrote " Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf ". That play was of course made into a well known film with Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor and George Segal. 

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    Robert Vaughn has passed away at age 83. Besides his work on TV he also appeared in quite a number of films. " The Magnificent Seven " is one of the best known Westerns of all time and Vaughn had a good role in that film. I also remember him from " Bullit " and also from " The Bridge At Remagen " as well.

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        There's a new movie called "ARRIVAL". It looks good, I know nothing about it but it reminds me of the Jodie Foster movie "CONTACT".   Undecided

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    Thanks for the post RonaldJosephCote. I'll have to keep an eye out for that film.

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    I saw Arrival last week, it was pretty good. It is similar to Contact, but also reminded me of one of Kurt Vonnegut's stories.

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    Thanks for the post Ivandh.

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