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    Don't know about anyone else here but I am a big fan of Akira Kurosawa's samurai movies. I watched his last epic, Ran (1985) last weekend. It's a beautiful film with no expense spared on extras to fill out the ranks of the various armies, while their commanders betray each other with no regard to the fact that they're all immediate family.

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    Thanks for the posts and for the info.

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    Oscar winning actress Patty Duke passed away the other day at age 69.

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    I forgot to add a trivia item for Patty Duke, she was also the Mom of one of the stars of the LOTR movies as well.

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    Recently I was able to get a DVD version of the film: " Tora Tora Tora ". This is a first-class war movie from 1970 and was very well made. Also included in the 2 disc set of this film are several documentaries as well, a nice set.  

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