Some Favourite Movies

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    Thanks for the new posts.

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    Sometimes a movie can be found that is interesting mainly because of the people in it. " Hyde Park On Hudson " is an interesting film that features Bill Murray as President Franklin Roosevelt. This movie is set in 1939 during a visit to America by the British King and Queen.

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     I haven't seen that one cabbie. Playing one of the more influential US presidents would seem to be a more serious role than Bill Murray usually takes on, I wonder how he pulls it off?

    One of my favorite movies is The African Queen mainly because of the leading actor/actress, Borgart and K. Hepburn. Love the delivery given by the terse German (no offense lol) captain, if you've seen the movie you may know which line I'm talking about.

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    Thanks for the post Ivandh. The fellow who plays the gunboat captain also shows up in " A Christmas Carol ". It is near the end of the film where they show the Christmases yet to come and Scrooge has passed away. PS: Bill Murray is not bad as FDR in that other film. 

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