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Some Favourite Movies

  • #681

    HA!  I missed that too!

    hard boiled eggs scene was classic

  • #682

    I could watch Cool Hand Luke a dozen times. Come to think I have !

  • #683

    Hah, you're right Al. Two guys playing jailbirds with similar haircuts. And Newman did some racing too.

  • #684

    Thanks for all of the new posts.

  • #685

    Just read that veteran character actor Powers Booth has recently passed away at age 68. He had quite a long career in films where he played good guys as well as bad guys. The role of his that I liked most is where he was a bad guy opposite Kurt Russell in " Tombstone " ( from 1997 ). Val Kilmer also did a great job in that movie ( he was Doc Holiday ).  

  • #686

    Sad news today, James Bond is gone I'm afraid. Yes I know that some people will mention that Roger Moore was not the first James Bond but Moore did make the most 007 films ( seven in all I believe ). Moore has passed away at age 89. Those closer to my age will remember that he was " The Saint " on TV before he played James Bond.   

  • #687

    RIP.   007



  • #688

      I thought The new "Aliens" movie was a continuation of the Sigurney Weaver franchise but in actuality it is a prequel of "Prometheus".    Also, this August brings the release of the re-re-make of John Carpenter's "The Thing"surprise.png

  • #689

    Thanks for the new posts.

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