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    nervous pippa.

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    She looks 50yrs old.

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    Pippa reminds me of a THundercloud.

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    Pippa's prettier than Kate.
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    Stunningly awful thread

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    everyones a criticLaughing

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    critics make me angry, and anger makes mee.... SPONGEBOB!!!!!!

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    sponge bob reminds me of michael

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    michael reminds me of critics.....oh great a circle.Undecided

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    Flying chipmunks with pinyatas taped to their teeth wrapped with velvet coated in chocolate being eaten by bunnies being fed by isabel doing 200 sit ups and 200 push ups while singing to her friend while her friend is emailing David Beckham while he is training while the ball is moving while gravity is in action while the world keeps spinning on and life is going going gone but you pretend like you're immortal and while its gone like frank sanotra, gone like Elvis and his mom nothing lasts in this life, gone like my childhood streets are gone and life is a day that doesn't last for long and you still pretend like you're immortal... Long sentence.
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