Sportive moment of the past year

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    I choose this one:


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    Hmm well can't really argue that now can I? And I was gonna make some nasty footbal and germany remarks.

    For me, 2012, with all the big events was pretty underwhelming. European championship was a horroshow. Chelsea won the champions league. Tour de france wasn't exciting, because Froome should've won. We didn't win a whole lot of medals in the olympics in important sports.

    Come to think of it, I'll go with cycling.

    between Contador winning the Vuelta (that was exciting), Gilbert winning the WC near my hometown and Marianne Vos winning the womens olympic road race. I'll go with Vos.


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    Marian is a machine. A Boss.

    Gilbert won cause he seemed to have designed the end for himself, everybody knew what he was going to do and I think only Spain had the potencial to work to avoid him leaving the group, but no sure they knew who was their team leader.

    Next tour should be exciting. Btw I'm from Spain just I was in Germany temporarily

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    Yeah, Gilbert is a specialist, but he hasn't won a lot since he's with BMC but he was great on the cauberg.

    I think there will be more climbing and climbers in this year's tour, so that'll be a good thing.

    Tom Boonen also had a really good 2012

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    Here we have! Froomie! :)

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