The Beatles or The Rolling Stones or who ? ( or even the Who ? )

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    One thing that I forgot to mention in my previous post is that The Limelighters had the original hit with " Those Were The Days " back in 1962 however Mary Hopkin would bring that song back again in 1968. 

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    Over in another thread we have been having a little chat about the song " Roll Over Beethoven ". I like the original version by Chuck Berry but some people like the ELO's take on the song more. Then we must also consider " The Beatles " version of that number. Last but certainly not least " The Rolling Stones " also recorded this song as well ( & so which version is the best   lol ).  

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    I like the Beatles version myself. Chuck Berry, while of course the talent behind it all, is too sing-songy for my tastes. The Beatles' cover is George Harrison at his best. 

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    Thanks for the post Batgirl. While I do like Chuck Berry's version the best I feel that the four recordings are sort of 1A, 1B, 1C & 1D. When Berry 1st recorded the song he did it at a very fast tempo. The Stones also do it quite fast and ELO goes in a different direction altogether. The Beatles version is great too, it is nice that all 4 versions can be heard over on YouTube because I like them all.

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    there are a lot of remakes of older tunes. one thing i like is that the listener may be made aware of the original composer.

    one thing i don't like is when the song is not done differently. forgive me, but, nobody is going to sing like sinatra, garfunkel, etc. put your own mark on it-you're an artist!

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    Thanks for the post AlCzervik, good points. A few posts back I mentioned that The Limelighters had brought out the song " Those Were The Days " back in 1962. When Mary Hopkin did her own version a few years later she certainly did her own take on that song and it suited her voice perfectly. The Limelighters also did a nice job with " Those Were The Days " but I feel that they were truly outclassed by Mary Hopkin's performance.

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    Just passing here to say two things, great thread, and boo Sgt. Pepper.

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