The Beatles or The Rolling Stones or who ? ( or even the Who ? )

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    While Prince's Guitar Gently Weeps...

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    Thanks a lot for the info Eseles.

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    Sometimes it's a good thing to just wander around YouTube a bit, one could find something interesting   lol. Many of us are familiar with the actor Hugh Laurie, I first remember seeing him some years ago on the " Black Adder " TV show from the UK. Well he is also a good Blues & Jazz singer as well. I just saw videos of him doing: Unchain My Heart, Evenin, Louisiana Blues and a very interesting version of " Stagger Lee ", not bad at all.  

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    Just saw another very nice clip over on YouTube, the clip is from the " This Is Tom Jones " TV show. It was taped back in 1969 and Tom has Jerry Lee Lewis on as a guest. Let me just say they do have some fun together.

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       ---   Thanks very much for the info.

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    I'm sad to report the death of Keith Emerson from a self-inflicted gunshot at age 71 ( he was a founding member of Emerson, Lake & Palmer ).

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    suicide or accident?

    i wouldnt think many at that age take that route.

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    Thanks for the post AlCzervik. The report I read said " Suspected " self-inflicted so I guess there is still some doubt. Also I gather that some health issues were interfering with his ability  to keep on performing at playing the musical keyboard. I imagine that more info might still be forthcoming.

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    badenwurtca wrote:

    I'm sad to report the death of Keith Emerson from a self-inflicted gunshot at age 71 ( he was a founding member of Emerson, Lake & Palmer ).

    Thanks very much for the info, greatly appreciated.

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    Thanks for the post SaintGermain.

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    In this thread we have at times compared two versions of the same song. For example CCR ( Creedence Clearwater Revival ) had out a very nice version of " Susie-Q ". However that song had also been released back in 1957 by a singer called Dale Hawkins. I'm not sure if Hawkins had a lot of other hits but this version by him is a very nice lively number.  

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    Susie-Q by

    Hawkins's version rocks surprisingly hard for 57. CCR uses the song as a skeleton for an extensive jam turning it into kind of swamp blues. It's more interesting when the cover version is bit different. You Tube also suggest a Rolling Stones version I hadn't heard before which is more faithfull to the original.

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    CCR also covered the Motown classic "I Heard It Through the Grapewine" but while I like their version my favourite interpretations are by Marvin Gaye and the trainwreck version by the Slits.

    The story of the song is quite interesting. The producer and co-writer Norman Whitfield found it difficult to convince Motown boss Berry Gordy about the songs merits. He first recorded it with the Miracles then with Gaye and then with Glady's Knight & The Pips. The Pips recording was the first one released. Then it became album track for Marvin and only after it gathered heavy radio play Gordy allowed Marvin's version to be released as a single (see:

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