The Beatles or The Rolling Stones or who ? ( or even the Who ? )

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    Thanks for the recent posts.

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    Just heard that singer, songwriter and poet Leonard Cohen has passed away at age 82. He wrote many songs in his long career including " Bird on a Wire " and " Hallelujah " as well as books of poetry. The odd thought that just came into my mind is that perhaps the Nobel Prize ( for Literature ) should have gone to Cohen instead of to Dylan ? 

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    Don't forget Suzanne, The Sisters of Mercy and The Story of Isaac... my favorite Cohen songs.  Nothing in his songs are clear but every song evokes a reaction. 

    Thanks for the news.

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    Have you listened to Leonard Cohen's "The Future"?

    That's a pretty powerful song!


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    Thanks for the posts.

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    Just found out that Leon Russell has passed away at age74. Besides being known as a singer/songwriter Russell was also part of " The Wrecking Crew " that worked on so many studio sessions. Denny Cordell and Russell started Shelter Records back in 1969. I really like Russell's version of " Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues ", done with a kind of a Bluesy Feel to it.  

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    Well the saga continues   ---   today I heard the Dylan will not go to Sweden on Dec 10th to collect his Nobel Prize ( he has " Other " commitments ). Who knows, perhaps that is the day that his Lunchon with the Dahli Lama is to take place ??? 

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    Recently we lost Blues & Soul Singer Sharon Jones at age 60. Among the songs that she had out were: " Stranger To My Happiness " and of course " 100 Days - 100 Nights ".

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