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The Beatles or The Rolling Stones or who ? ( or even the Who ? )

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    Sorry, I confused Brian Wilson (who died of cancer in 1998) with his brother Dennis, who drowned in 1983 and was acquainted with the Manson "family."

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    Carl, not Brian. Smile

    Who would've believed that Brian would live the longest of those 3?

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    cabadenwurt wrote:

    I was mainly interested in Brian Wilson as he did most of the writing for the group plus he was lucky enough to come back from a serious drug problem.


    Actually, I don't think his problems had too much to do with drugs.  He did blame LSD for his eventual collapse, but as I recall he only took it once, and it seemed like he was already heading for a breakdown before then (the notorious panic attack on that airplane, for example).

    My guess is that acid wasn't so much to blame for his condition as a guy named Murry. Wink

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    AndyClifton wrote:

    Carl, not Brian. 

    Who would've believed that Brian would live the longest of those 3?

    My bad! (stoopid keyboard!) At least I got Dennis' info correct!

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    Thanks for all of the recent posts and all of the info. A short time back I mentioned Frankie Avalon and I've just learned that he is out touring again including a few dates in Las Vegas. Nice to hear that he is still performing.

    Also I recently heard a song that was put out by a very good young singer but she has not yet been able to get a second major hit. Tracy Chapman had out a beautiful bluesy type of song entitled " Give Me One Reason " ( or Give Me A Reason ? ). I hope that she can make a comeback soon. 

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    Earlier today I had the radio on and found out that there were a couple of notable birthdays occuring today. In Folk Music circles one of the surviving members of " Peter Paul And Mary " was born on this day ( I think it was Paul ). Also two members of " The Monkees " share today as their birthday. Mind you I was confused as to wether I should put this latter info here or in my thread on TV shows as " The Monkees " are not considered a real Band by some. However they did have some nice songs out as well as doing their TV show. 

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    cabadenwurt wrote:

    Mind you I was confused as to wether I should put this latter info here or in my thread on TV shows as " The Monkees " are not considered a real Band by some. 

    Fie on all such purist dirtbags!

    They had an abundance of fabulous ditties.  Such as the following, penned by Messr Nesmith himself:

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    Another great one (although the bass run on the choruses does get a bit annoying after a while...kinda like that "boxed in" feel on the chorus of "We Gotta Get Outta This Place"):

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    Many bands weren't "real bands." The Wrecking Crew were real instead, for them.

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    Thanks for the posts. AndyClifton I'm glad to see that you like The Monkees too. My favourite songs of theirs include " Last Train To Clarksville ", " I'm A Believer ", " Pleasant Valley Sunday " and of course their TV theme " Hey Hey We're The Monkees ". Another Band that didn't get the respect that I think they deserved are The Kinks, some people said they sounded too much like The Beatles. But I really like The Kinks doing " Lola ", " Sunny Afternoon ", " You Really Got Me " and " Louie Louie ". Of course there were a lot of versions of " Louie Louie " but I think that The Kinks did it just as well as anyone else ( and if people say that they sound a bit like The Beatles then I think that is a compliment ! ).

    Yes Goldendog I see that Brian Wilson ( among others ) loves The Wrecking Crew Session Musicians. Another area of interest for me is Country Music ( Classic Country and Bluegrass etc; Long Live Rockabilly ! ) and I have a few VHS tapes of some Country Stars taped in the mid-1950's. One can see a similar type of thing happening in the back-up bands for the Stars there. For Example Chet Atkins was a Guitar player for some years for the Carter Family ( 2cnd version ) and Floyd Cramer was a pianist for Jim Reeves.

    Often when I go over to Youtube to check on some music I have a hard time to leave there, so much Good music, so little time  lol. Just had a chance to watch Louis Armstrong in a live version of " Hello Dolly ", Great just Great is all I can say to that.          

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    Earlier taday I heard a interesting version of an old standard on the radio. Fats Domino had a hit with " I Hear You Knocking " and his version is the one that I've heard most often. However I heard the original version of that song today as done by Smiley Lewis. His voice is quite different from Fats Domino but the song was still played in a " Bluesy " New Orleans kind of style. Smiley Lewis had out a quite a list of songs including a very interesting version of " Big Mamou ".  

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    One of my favorite video nuggets of all time:

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    This one manages to combine 2 of my favorite PopCult items:  The Kinks and American Family (which still somehow has never been released on DVD!).  The song starts around 1:00...

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    Thanks for the recent posts. As for the debate between the Rolling Stones fans and the Beatles fans, well that one will go on forever I guess  lol.

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    Recently as I was rearranging some stuff here and I bumped into another of my old K-Tel records that I had forgotten about. It is entitled " Best Of Britain " and has quite a variety of music on the record. For example we have: Gary & The Pacemakers with Ferry Across The Mersey; Dave Clark Five with Bits And Pieces; The Kinks with Sunny Afternoon; Donovan with Universal Soldier and New Vaudville Band with Winchester Cathedral ( a personal favourite ). Warning: the British are coming the British are coming ---  

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    It is nice to get the first version of a hit song from the radio as one can get info on a variety of artists that may not be that well known today. Back in the early 1970s Janis Joplin had a hit with " Cry Baby ", a song that she really made into her own. However today I got to hear the original version of that song by Garnet Mimms & The Enchanters ( hard to decide which version is better  lol ). I also came across the artist who may have been the inspiration for Fats Domino, including even the name. Fats Waller was also terrific on the piano and not a bad singer either as can be seen on his big hit " Ain't Misbehaving ". Speaking of Piano Music I also heard the " Bumble Boogie " by B.Bumble & The Stingers, nice and lively !  

    Also heard some sad info today at the passing of 90 year old Johnny Otis ( Willie And The Hand Jive ).     

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    Yeah, I love Fats Waller's stuff-- This Joint is Jumpin', Your Feet's Too Big, All That Meat and No Potatoes, etc.

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    Thanks for the post Cystem-Phailure. Yes Fats Waller was a true pioneer and quite a terrific talent as well. One thing that I've noticed is that when I go over to Youtube to check out some of this music is that I have a hard time to leave there, I could spend all day over there  lol.

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    The Safaris 1960, "Image of a Girl". "Wipe Out" was good but this has great vocals.


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