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The Beatles or The Rolling Stones or who ? ( or even the Who ? )

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    Telegraph Road-Dire Straits

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    Back in the 70's, I knew some guys who had a punk band who were  huge fans of the Kinks. It occurred to me that they had a punk rock sound. As I thought more about the subject, I thought that The Who and especially Iggy Popp were forerunners of punk music. Are there any seminal rock bands or songs that you consider to be punk before there was punk?

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    Thanks for the many recent posts, there is some good music in these posts. One of my all-time favourite bands is the Kinks, they deserve to be much better known considering the very good songs that they have put out.

    Up here in Canada we were quite fond of the Jeff Healy Band, a true shame that Jeff passed away at such a young age. Besides Rock & Roll Jeff Healy was also into the Blues, truly a great artist. 

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    electricpawn wrote:

    Are there any seminal rock bands or songs that you consider to be punk before there was punk?

    The song that simultaneously invented both punk and metal:

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    From my favorite TYA album (Rock n Roll Music to the World)...I also love "Religion" from that disc (be careful that the finale of this one doesn't scare the crap out of you btw!...lol):

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    Oh yeah, the Tom Verlaine guys!  I always liked "Mr Blur." Smile

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    Thanks for the many recent posts. Thanks for the complement Netzach.

    I recently bumped into a cute original version of a big hit from the early days of Rock. Chubby Checker's take on " The Twist " was the version most of us have heard many times but that song was first released by Hank Ballard ( of The Midnighters ) who also wrote the song. " The Hoochi Coochi Coo " song is another one of several tunes by Hank Ballard & The Midnighters that are now up on Youtube.   

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    In this Province we are lucky enough to have a Community owned Radio network and they feature a variety of musical styles. I've just heard a 1 hour interview with Arlo Guthrie. Of course one of the songs played was the timeless " The City Of New Orleans " ( written by Steve Goodman ). Truly a classic song among classics and one of my all-time Favourites. Also they got in a couple of verses of " This Land Is Your Land " written by Arlo's father.  

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    I have always preferred CONO as sung by Arlo Guthrie vs (barf) Willie Nelson.

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    Thanks for the post Javan64. I'm with you on that one, Arlo's version is the better one. I also like his Alice's Restaurant song as well.

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    Had a visit over to Youtube earlier and saw a interesting group. The Small Faces had out the " Itchycoo Park " song back in 1968. " Lazy Sunday " is a very lively number that they also released and a few of their other songs are up on Youtube as well. They were not just a one-hit wonder but still did not seem to get the fame that they deserved. 

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    "Itchycoo" is one of my favorite singles EVER.

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    Thanks for the post AndyClifton. " Itchycoo Park " is a real beautiful song, but something funny came to mind as I was listening to it. Often I will hear a nice song that I can remember the melody of but I've forgotten who had the song out  lol. 

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    Lewis Black does a good bit on this...his friends and him nowadays discussing "that guy in the movies"...nobody can remember the actor's name anymore (but they all know who each other is talking about). Laughing

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    Thanks for the info AndyClifton. Just heard another cute song on the " 50's on 5 " channel. Bill Hailey And The Comets did a song entitled " When The Comets Start To Rock And Roll " done to the melody of " When The Saints Go Marching In ". Quite nice songs in both versions but then I've been a fan of New Orleans Jazz for many years. 


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