The Science of Evolution (no politics or religion)


If we only had the means to compare the heights of trees and say one was taller or shorter, it would then be very useful to introduce the notion of a total order, so that we could deduce that if A > B and B > C (these being trees and > meaning "taller"), then A > C (the transitive property of a total order). It would also be good to know that if A > B then it is not true that B > A. Those abstractions happen to be mathematics as well.


Para wrote: "Nonsense back at you. Quantities are not numbers. Numbers are a language derived to describe quantities. "

You made that up, flying by the seat of your pants. Show us anywhere where it states "quantities are not numbers and numbers are a language derived to describe quantities."

This is utter tom-foolery. An extremely poor understanding of terms. You continue with such things as "derived to describe quantities". Quantities do not require "description", they require Counting !

Saying quantities "exist everywhere, making quantities real" is beyond comprehension. 

I'm done here. Brick walls.