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The Science of Evolution (no politics or religion)

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    Ah! Found it, May!

    For a list of 10 Alternatives to Evolutoion, click this link: http://listverse.com/2013/03/08/10-alternatives-to-evolution/

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    The_Ghostess_Lola wrote:

    To Mr. v1:

    I don't believe Rene' ever sought to turn choice into a light switch. Choice doesn't hafta be either-or, right ? The only either-or he ever faced, they say (& what I've read), was either he was or he wasn't....which is where all his trails ended up stopping.

    I feel you've turned the RD pro-con argument into a sorta scientific 'just that'. Isn't it being a bit too limiting on urself & others ? 

    People argue whether one has a soul or not. Does this hafta be a yes or no answer ? What if aparta it goes to one place & another goes somewhere else....& on & on ?

    Ppl have even tried to weigh it !....I would feel that it is more waved-based than anything else....but what am I to know ? I don't even know where my soul went (maybe nowhere !) when I first perished in 1575.



    By my understanding, Descatres was a devout Christian of the 17th Century. As such, I would wager he believed in only one Heaven, and one God. And I believe he would have dismissed alternative idea's (reincarnation, for example) as heresy.

    Which is not his fault. He was simply a product of his time. Though possibly the most open-minded person of his day, multi-culturalism hadn't been thought of yet.

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    extenza wrote:

    Actually we have pretty much of god's nature list.We are worshipping god  by glorify god's nature.

    And by accepting, studying and exploring Evolution, we are exploring the very act of Creation itself.


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