The Shadow War Against Iran


Over the last few months a number of Iranian Nuclear Scientists have been assassinated, and there has been a number of other failed attempts, with no one claiming responsibility.

Iran's Nuclear program was also severely damaged by a cyberattack by the use of a worm named "Stuxnet". The likely sources of the attack is likely either the USA, Israel, or a combination of both, with other sources of either France, Britain or Germany (home of "Siemens"- which made the software and some hardware attacked by the worm).

Stuxnet is the most sophisticated computer worm ever detected and analysed. Microsoft estimated that building this virus  took 10,000 man-days of labour by highly skilled software engineers. It was disigned to target a specific set of devices manufactured only in Finland and Iran that are used to enrich uranium for use as nuclear fuel in reactors. The thinking is that "Stuxnet" is the start of a new era- a weapon to achieve a goal that otherwise would take multiple cruise missiles to accomplish. Eric Chien of the antivirus firm "Symantec" (who has pulled the worm apart), suggested that it would have cost millions of dollars to build and test this worm. How this worm was introduced is still unclear, since the Iranian nuclear program computers are not connected to the Internet. The most likely source would be inside infiltration. Different components of the virus had different "time to live" mechanisms built-in, with a total inactive life of 21 days. After this, the virus simply disappears. The worm was programmed to quit exploiting one particular weakness in Microsoft's software at June 1 2011, and the worm's overall time to live runs out on June 2012.

...Assassinations, Cyberattacks, and Sabotage- has the war against Iran already begun?


The U.S. has been funding and directing the Jundullah terrorist group for years, to blow up mosques, and kill Iranians. The mossad kills Iranian engineers, pretty methodically in the last 5 years. With endless sanctions, and an absurd amount of propaganda, there is no doubt that a "shadow war" has been going on with Israel and the U.S., against Iran for some years now.


I suspect it started in '94 when they kicked out McDonald's.

Watch out, Iceland.


Here are some exerps of the report I read-

On that Monday morning, dawn had just broken over a bustling Tehran so deeply shrouded in smog that many commuters wore face masks to protect against the fumes and dust in the air. On Artest Street, among rows of new and half-finished apartment blocks, Majid Shahriari (nuclear physicist) was working his way through rush-hour traffic with his wife and bodyguard in his Peugeot sedan. A motorcycle pulled up besides the car, the man on the bike stuck something to the outside of the car door and sped away. The explosion of the bomb killed Majid and wounded the others in the car.

Only a few minutes later, and a few miles away, in a town in the foothills of the Alborz Mountains, again a motorcycle pulled alongside the car of another scientist, Fereydoun Davani. He however, jumped out of the car, and managed to pull his wife out before the bomb went off.

...ok, so it seems that fingers are being pointed to the US and it's allies in the assassinations etc. in Iran. It seems to reason that Iran will at some point take action against those it deems responsible. We could then be reading about more "terrorist attacks" in Western Nations...and wonder why are they doing this?

Are the US and/or it's Western Allies pushing for a fight/war? Are they not encouraging more "terror attacks" on Western Soil"? Why does the US feel that she alone must have nuclear capability? Are they actually acting like bullies on the international front? What can we expect from Iran and her allies?

...please write and let's here your comments and opinions.