Wedding Anniversary

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    Hey Folks,

         Today is my wedding anniversary. I have know Jennifer for 28 years and love her even more with each passing day. I even let her nickname me, and I cannot believe I'm telling you this, Shoopie. Jeez, that's true love. If some stranger called me shoopie they would get a size 12 boot in their ass. My wofe just asked me what sounds men make when they're thinking. Any thoughts? Anyway I figured I announce my happiness!

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    Sweet.My buddy's pet name by his wife is Pooky.I call him that to.For me and my wife its both Baby.Congrats and I hope you both enjoy the day!

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    haha... i just 14. so, i want to say congratulations! Wink

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    Congratulations!!!  That's Awesome!!!  It is so hard to stay married now-a-days.  It's great to hear that success stories are still happening too!!!  I'm happy for you man.  I know I'd be happy if I could hang onto someone that hot for that long!!

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    You are an Heroes!

     I was been on just 13 years...


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    You know, in this sarcastic world, it good to know we're civilized (for the most part) here at Of course, someone is now refering to me as "shoopie" during one of my games. It's hard to play the part of the tough guy wuth the name shoopie. However, my wife likes calling me it so it's my nickname!

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    A precious wife is a man's crown and glory! I have one as well !!  All the  BEST!! Jimi

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    Good for you Hugh. Many happy more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    And.. in honor of our anniversary... I have signed up for too! Woo-hoo!

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     28 years!  Congratulations.

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