who are you?


What one word describes you best. for me its



autumn :)


LOL..  anywayz. why winter. well, you smile when i turn up and are happy to see me. but soon enough you wish i was gone. care to explain your word??


thats not true, I love winter.


why autumn


I like the way you put yourself across. very creative. thanks.Laughing



its what my knee and my brain do at the lost inopportune times..oh, and i've spebt a night or 2 in one as well..yup, thats me then ;)


LOL thanks Bobby..  well here gos then. me and three others stole a couple of 250cc motorbikes.. it was all fun for about 5 mins. until i, who was on the back, hit a car head on doing 100km. The driver was turning into a pub.. didn't judge our speed correctly and blam. im pretty mess up now. still walking tho. just that the body hurts alot.. can,t even lay on my back anymore when i sleep, my legs start to feel like they are burning. one of many stupid moments.. but it gets a laf from those that i tell...Laughing


hehe..are we the same person? i've laid a couple motorcycles over at speed too, and lived to tell about it...but whenever i feel sorry for myself for my bad parts, it doesnt take me long to think of a few people who have it much, much worse than i do. then im good again ;)


im getting a whole of lot of looking but no one taking part.. its surpose to be fun.. few laughs.  its seems im surounded by a bunch of Limp dicks. come on! post..  what word describes you best. 

again i must open the door.(enjoy).

to e4 or not to e4 is that the question, whether 'tis noble in the mind to suffer the moves and checks of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of pawns, And by opposing, end them, to win, to loose no more.  and by a win to say we end the heart-ache, and the thousand natural shocks that the flesh is heir to, tis a consummation devoutly to be to a winner. To win, perchance to dream of a win, ay there's the rub, for what dreams may come we have shanken of those loses and draws. Tongue out


ok that last one was a rip off.. just like playing with words. so heres one of mine.

I can hear that death is near,

So i down another beer to ward of the fear,

So who else here can hear that death is near,

But do not fear and sit near and create some cheer

By downing another beer to ward of all our fear,


was written 15/8/11


hehe..cheers to you too J


my fav xmas songs.

prancing thought the snow on a one horse open slay, snorting lots of coke, laughing all the way.


deck the halls with marijuana, falala la la la la.

inject the tree with LSD falala la la la la.

snort some coke

pop some pills..

fala fala la la la la



poems.. who me.. Never.

I cruz these streets,

and i do what i like.

I don't need your grief,

Because i like to ride your bike.

Im a street kid, 

on a stolen bike i ride.

I wanted,


 dead or alive..


hmm yes. enjoy. because soon you will wish i was gone. (winter)


To say goodbye,

Is like i die, 

Now that i fly,

with a tear in my eye.

i am shy,

to look you in the eye,

as i head for the sky.


why oh why,

must you cry.

 our love did die.

you should not lie,

when you and i

looked at the sky.

for it did cry,

for it new why.


i`m the best


There is no way I can think of one word to describe myselfFrown


Khosrov. thats 3 words, but get what ya mean by it.