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Yes I Luv That Golden Oldie Country Music !

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    Among the first songs that I heard in the English language were Country music songs including Jim Reeves doing " According To My Heart ". Tonight I happened to be playing a DVD from the Time-Life Video series on Country music ( an 8 disc set ). On this disc is a teriffic story-song written and performed by Tom T. Hall entitled " The Year That Clayton Delaney Died " and so I thought that I needed to start a new thread. I would also include Bluegrass, Cajun and Western Swing music ( & Rockabilly of course ).  

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    Thanks for the post Joseph-S, Jim Stafford had out a lot of cute songs over the years.

    There have been a number of Country songs that also made it onto the Pop charts. I recently heard the song " North To Alaska " ( sung by Johnny Horton ) on the 1950's channel of of my Satelite radio. Of course Johnny Horton also had hits with " The Battle Of New Orleans " and " Sink The Bismarck " among others. 

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    Kitty Wells passed away the other day at age 92. Kitty was one of the earliest Female Stars in Country Music, before Loretta and Dolly and Tammy. I Believe that Patsy Montana was one of the few Women who was a Star before Kitty became famous.   

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    Over in one of my other threads the name of Hank Williams Sr just came up. Needless to say his name needs to be mentioned in this thread, both as a Songwriter and as a Performer as well. Indeed Hank's song " Cruel Cruel Heart " was recorded by the great Tony Bennet some years ago.  

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    Thanks for the clips Corrijean. I'm very much a Loretta Lynn fan and I liked the duets that she did with the late Conway Twitty. I've also heard a very lively version of " Oh Danny Boy " done by Conway way back in his Rockabilly days. 

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    Not very good sound quality, but it is a live performance. Here's better sound quality, but I always think the live performances are a bit more special:

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    Luv the Dean+Rick song;)


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