[2 DAYS LEFT]Chess for a good cause(Covid-19 Chess Tournament Fundraiser with Prizes!)


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1. The minimum donation required to enter the tournament($10) will not be accepted through PayPal, Credit or Debit, Zelle, or Venmo.

2. This tournament would not have been possible without the help and support of multiple chess organizations. Please visit the tournament website to gain insight into each of these chess clubs. Many of these chess clubs offer lessons, host competitive tournaments, and and are a great way to improve your official chess rating. More chess organizations will continue to be added, so keep checking in to see if there is any the caters to your interests.

3. There is now only 1 week left to join the tournament and make a difference for the Covid response.

4. Remember to donate to the UCHealth Covid-19 Emergency Fund if you can. Donations are accepted regardless of tournament entry.

I will continue to post more important announcements as more chess organizations join and for important updates in the tournament. I hope you consider supporting this event! Let's checkmate covid-19 together.


Tournament site: gcctfundraiser.org


Hello Everyone!

We have Chess Diaries With 44th GM of India Mr GM Priyadharshan K!
He Share his journey from Novice to FM to IM then the Ultimatum i.e GM Title
and also shares chess knowledge with all the people of different age categories too who wants to improve chess.Ask your questions to GM in our stream.Dont miss the chance to do it.
Make sure you are available on 8th August, 7PM IST .

(Below link for Detail Description)

Join us for Free-Live Session to play vote-chess vs GM Priyadharshan K and get a chance to interact with the GM !!!

CHECK OUT our stream with @aspired to know about his journey to becoming a Grandmaster !!!

To enjoy the show, tune in to our stream on 8th August at 7 PM IST.

Watch Us LIVE Here:


Join our Chess-Club : https://www.chess.com/club/corporate-chess-india


UPDATE: Registration closes for the GCCT Tournament in 7 days. Practice tournament will be held on August 14th(Open section for all) to ensure everyone can join. Lastly, as you all know, the tournament will be held the following day. 


I would like to give a few "thank you's" to organizations that made this tournament possible:

  • Cincinnati Scholastic Chess
  • The CCL Chess School
  • Dayton Chess Club
  • Dragon Chess Center

For more info about these clubs and all the benefits they have to offer, please visit the tournament site at gcctfundraiser.org.


nice of you to make this tournament


The UC Foundation has acknowledged this event's intent to make them the beneficiary of the event. In other words, UC Foundation has provided a letter or relationship confirmation with this event, now on the event website. All proceedings raised through this event, will go to the UC Health Covid-19 Crisis Response Fund through the UC Foundation. This fund provides funding for coronavirus vaccine research, aid to those affected by Covid-19, etc...
You can be part of the fight against Covid-19, by registering here for this event!


There are only 3 days remaining till signups close for this tournament. Signup while you can!


There are 2 days remaining to signup for this tournament!


ok which :( :scream


Signup for the GCCT Fundraiser Tournament is here: gcctfundraiser.org