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    Is it an ad or a browser upgrade recommendation?

    If the latter, what browser and version are you using? If it is too old there is a high likelyhood that certain features on the new design my not work correctly or render incorrectly.

    I don't get the recommendation but I'm using a newer browser.

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    Chess.com, this is Pushing a product, I don't wish to see it...


    Please move all Ads, Upgrades and Tools off my screen and on to the “More” Menu where it belongs and is expected to be.


    Good job for giving us the option to turn off the chat bar...


    Thank You.

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    Frankjr7 wrote:

    Chess.com, this is Pushing a product, I don't wish to see it...

    If it is the browser upgrade thing then it isn't pushing a product. It is an attempt to reduce the number of tickets and support forum posts about things not working correctly on older browsers.

    Now, that said, it would probably be nicer if it was more like an alert, with the ability to close it and not see it again.

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    I was give new information form Chess.com

    After you do an upgrade to the browser of your choice the box will go away...

    I am good with that, Thank You. Smile

    Martin, you are correct, It is to help keep the problem tickets down...


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