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Advertisments even for premium members?!

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    I am a premium member and here is how the homepage looked this morning. I hope it's just a mistake and premium members are not supposed to get ads. And yes, I was logged in when visiting the page as you can see in the top right corner.

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    Part of the TOS states that sometimes, there will be chess related ads for premium members. BUT, only on the front page, where it's out of the way and non-obtrusive.

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    You're right, I read more carefully the membership page and it says indeed that the homepage has ads.

    However, common sense would say that there should be no external ads (like this one for Wholesale Chess) once you are logged in. Why would the home page be different? The site already knows who you are so it shold be pretty straightforward to render the page accordingly.

    I can certainly ignore them, but as a matter of principle, it's not fair. "No ads" should simply mean "No ads".

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    Sometimes there are very special discounts or sales which we think is best to present to all of our members on Chess.com so that they can take advantage of the great offers. In any case you should not see these type of ads too frequently at all.

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    I agree. I think it's bull you-know-what.

    There has to be a spacial advantage for $95.00.


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