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    At 10:45 pm I was playing a game.  I had 45 seconds left on my clock when my opponent ran out of time. Instead of my rating going up a few points the game froze for a moment then when it came back my time had expired,and my opponent had 17.6 seconds. This is not the first time this has happened to me. What can we do about cheaters? I don't mind losing a few games here,and there;however let them be honest,and fair. Anything you can do to prevent this from happening in the future shall be greatly appreciated.  P.S. Please send me a response.                                  Yours Truly


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    the only person cheating you in this situation is your internet connection :(

    are you on wifi?

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    I have experienced something similar with poor internet connections.  Basically, I am waiting for the person to move, and there time is steadily going down, and all of a sudden I am the one low on time.  Seems like an internet lagg issue.

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    For sure it's time lag (the site 'adds time' onto one or both players' clocks to compensate, what you see displayed during the game is only an estimate of what the site considers to be the remaining time).

    Note while playing, the 'colour' of the bar by the handle (red is a bad sign -- hopelessly slow time lag, yellow/orange is not so great, partial to full green signifies the lag is minimal).

    I'll bet your opponent's (or your) lag indicator was often in the red during that game, which explains why 60+ seconds were added near the end.  Such is life on the internet with serious lag issues.

    And, 'red' or an absence of much green during most of the game is also a really big clue that you'd better not trust the clock displays as being reality but anticipate a serious lag adjustment at some point near the end of the game, and play accordingly (at a faster pace than your clock suggests).


    ps.  "I was playing with ( handle ) .... blah! blah! blah!  .... what can we do about cheaters?"

    It's inappropriate to name names or refer to specifically named members in a derogatory fashion on the open forums imo (it can be seen as a form of 'attacking' them or their reputation, a violation of the site's Terms of Service).   I urge you to edit out the member's name in your opening post.

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    yeres30 wrote:

    The chess.com clocking system ADDS TIME to an opponent's clock when connection is restored after momentary disconnection.

    (you mean "adds back" time) And, you've a problem with that?

    The time deduction initially may have to do with counting down the 'two minutes' needing to pass before a momentary disconnect is declared to be a complete disconnect.  Restoring that time when the opponent's resolved their momentary connection issues and returned is a choice the site programmers have made.  I know of sites where the time is not restored, so I'm guessing you're more used to that custom. 

    If it bothers you, I suggest you add a post to the Suggestions forum on this site.


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    Opening post:  "What can we do about cheaters?"


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    I humbly apoligise to that member. I had no idea that time is added to your opponents clock when  you have a connection interuption;however that still doesn't explain how my time ran out when it was my opponents move. Shouldn't both of our clocks be granted extra time for the interuption?

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    I suggest that what ever time my opponent'and I have at the moment of connection interuption shall remain constant when the connection is restored so that no one loses any time. 

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    I have been offered a draw in numerous games;however,when I accept the draw it never registers on my side,but if I offer the draw back to my opponent they are able to accept it on their side. Please give me some insight on what may be the cause of this problem,and show me how to correct it. All replys shall be greatly appreciated.


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