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    I recently played an online game in which I intended to draw by threefold repetition. I repeated the same positon three times and hit the draw link, but alas.  NO draw.  And notwithstanding I was checkmated the next move by my opponent.

    Can the points for the draw be scored?  Also some clear instructions on threefold draw procedures.

    I attached a link to the game.  Perhaps this was not threefold repetition?


    Please advise.

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    It was not a threefold repetition.  The position, on both sides of the board, needs to be repeated 3 time.  Your opponent continued to change the position with his rook, king and pawn moves.

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    LOL, that explains it, boy was that a dumb move on my part!  LMAO my opponent must have thought I was a patzer, or eh... maybe I am a patzer.  

    Anyways, I learned something new today.  Thanks for the information!

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    Ha - know how you feel!  Don't know about you, but I think it's time for the drinking to start!!


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