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Game explorer cheats premium members

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    @jac1yn: I understand that you are in the process of adding live games to that. My only request is: please don't ask members to upgrade if they try to use explorer for games other than Master games.

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    I just upgrade to diamond today, and I am very disapointed cuz it was partialy for that function that I upgraded, tactics trainer is cool, but it's all I have interesting for my Diamond account, maby I have not found the others cool thing !

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    Chess Mentor is cool man!!

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    And no progress yet. Not even for my own live games.

    Does Chess.com actually work on the problem?

    Where is the blocking point? I am sure that there are many technically skilled people on forums who can give Chess.com the advice.

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    Marignon, we do work on them, it's just taking really long because of the number of games that have been played.

    To help you understand.

    We have 8 mil members on the site right? Now imagine that the majority of these have played 10s of thousands of games if if not 100s of thousands. Imagine how many games have been played on site? Quite a lot which is why this is taking so long.

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    I see that you already can show both live and turn-based games for some players. It is only frustrating that I'm not among them. :( For example, I could know documentally which lines should be avoided by me in blitz and many other things.

    And well, anyway, hard to believe that digital processing of even billions of games can take months.

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    baddogno wrote:

    Only diamond and platinum members have "full performance stats".  I can click on any member's name and poke around in their stats.  If that's what you want to do, then yes you do have to upgrade.  Maybe you should file a "support ticket" and let staff figure out exactly what you are upset about.  I've given it my best shot...

    Yes you are right

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    Still has not been transfered in nearly two years? What is the update on this, please?

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    Be patient please. Kansha explained it: 10,000,000 members with 1,000 games at 1 KB. It is nearly 10 TB, can you imagine? There are only about 60 million seconds in two years!

    Oh, that is only 130 KB/s. And those 10 TB is actually only a few disks these days... Foot in Mouth

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    i just spent 100 bucks for platinum for a year, and this was the main reason i subscribed. i wanted to be able to view and update my repetoire. but it seems the only way to do that is by spending hours of manualling moving PGN files to 365opening, which defeats purpose of me paying 100 bucks. I understand file sizes and transfers, and it is not a sufficient reason for me. i would just like to know when.

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          Kansha?Surprised   I haven't seen her in 8 months. Is she back?  nevermind, I didn't see post 25

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    Also your math has so many assumptions, it assumes that all users active and didn't just log in to play one or two games and never came back. And also it assumes that 1,000 is the average of games for each member, which I highly doubt it as well. Regardless PGNs are such minute files that I do not see it taking 4 years to develop. 


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