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How man premium members are there?

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    Just curious.

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    good question!

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    There are about 4,500,000 members. I would wager that at least 40% are premium members. That adds up to a lot of money for Chess.com. Of course one has to consider operating costs.

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    I would guess that 40% is high. Out of the 4.5 million I think an awful lot have played a few times and are never heard from again. I also wonder how many active members there are and whether 1200 is really the average rating among active members. I am a "member" on 3 other sites that I haven't played on in 2 years or more.

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    True, i would think less than 10% are premium

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    Brad_B wrote:

    There are about 4,500,000 members. I would wager that at least 40% are premium members. 


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    Actually, I care a little bit. As a premium member, I'd like some idea of how many others value the site enough to pay like me. From that I'd be able to guage should I keep my money invested in this site or look to maybe one that won't close up shop with my money.

    Don't read this wrong as I am not asserting the site's owners would ever do that but as a business venture if I was one of only a few paying members, I'd be a bit worried about the site's financial health. View from a stockholder/investor position I guess.

    I love chess.com and to hear there were x number of premium members or that the site was fiscally sound, making a healthy profit would make my day. I want this site to be a runaway success and I'd love to hear that from the owners. 

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    Well it's not like we've invested thooousands. 100 clamshells a year. not that much to be worried about them closing up and running of with our cash. You could always go through the members list and count the premiums


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