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Question about upgrading account

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    If I decide to upgrade my account to Platinum or Diamond, will I have to pay the whole lot again or just the difference?

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    Just the difference...you can see how much credit you have towards the upgrade by clicking on HOME---Account

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    That's a relief. If I had to pay the whole lot again I should have gone straight to Diamond!


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    If you want to switch temporarily, though, you can't switch back to gold without paying more.  I did that for a couple days when I was home and wanted to do more than 25 TT problems a day.

    If you've bought a year of gold, then switch to diamond for a day for some videos or something, you can use your, say, $25 credit toward the monthly price of diamond.  No problems.  But then if you want switch back, you have to pay whatever extra to buy a whole year of gold again.   Just a heads up.

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    So basically it's not worth downgrading? (not that I intend to Smile)

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    They promote temporary switching in the welcome emails, but don't explain it quite so fully.  So I thought I'd share what I learned.

    "I also wanted to explain one thing about memberships based on a question I frequently hear - you can upgrade or downgrade at ANY TIME without losing any of your membership credit. So if you wanted to temporarily upgrade to a Diamond Membership for one month (or even for a day) so you could watch a video or do some Chess Mentor lessons, you can do that. Then you could downgrade and your remaining credit is applied to your new membership"


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