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    Sorry no video from me but J can say that I like being a premium member cause I get a lot of tactics and the chess mentor, but mostly cause I like to enroll in tournaments and I even created my own tourney. I have the gold membership and for me it's enough!
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    Because I absolutely love this game and is the best chess site in the universe. The most important reason I'm a diamond member is that this site is so much fun and entertaining, and because improving my game is very important to me. I'll never stop renewing my diamond membership.

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    I am trying to downgrade from diamond to platinum membership can you please help me

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    PAUL-WILLIAMS wrote:

    I am trying to downgrade from diamond to platinum membership can you please help me

    Seems simple enough:


    You can change plans any time without losing your membership credit! Simply choose your new plan and your existing membership credit will be applied to your new membership plan.


    And here's the membership page:

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    I can also give you a big reason why my best friend is NOT a diamond member: because your "gift membership" option is not working!

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    I love chess. Simple!

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    Game Explorer gives you a competitive edge.

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    I have a new credit card with a new expired old card expires in Feb, I cant put new date on my account because I can't log in can you help.time is running out.

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    I am premium member for many reasons. I submit all my games to the computer analysis and then i rewatch them. I learnt a lot of things reviewing fast my blitz games. Then i learnt a lot of things from the video lessons. I was able to partecipate in a rook ending course in 8 lessons that cost me just $90 or something similar and it was a great course! Then i'm also willing to support this website that i like and hope it will always become better.

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    I'me a diomond member because when I first joined, I spend my time playing games and writing about my thoughts, but when I thought, I needed to do more.  After all, playing chess IS good for your chess skills but doing tactics (ect) is better,

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    I bought the membership.

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    If I am a premium member, I get access to all the videos and they are awesome! 

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    I'm a premium member sir because I can't get enough of It's become my closest companion because it's always there for me. I love everything about this site and I would never settle for less of a good thing. I am learning disabled because I was struck by a car when I was a small boy. I have the most difficulty with my short term memory. This makes it very difficult for me to learn almost anything and that includes chess. Chess is my passion and my goal is to reach a 1200 rating one day. It takes me around 40 hours a week of studying chess in order to perhaps raise my rating even 50 points in a single year. helps me to maintain a healthy and healthy lifestyle, and at a price of $100 a year I feel I'm getting a great deal. Peace!

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    Becouse i find 100$/year for diamond membership is best 100$ spent for a player who want to improve his rating quick and with very low amount of money. There is just no better way. You receive best video lessons from many top coaches. Best tool chess mentor again, best lessons. Unlimitted tactic training and stuff like that.

    Many players spent 100$ for just few private lessons for only 1 month from only 1 coach... here you get thousands of lessons (many of which are top/best) for whole year and much more.

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    Just want to support a good thing
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    Because I've always had an aggressive,overcompensating bruske, almost brash sense of business and capital compensation techniques that have, frankly, always seem to ovecompensate me to the extremely

    embarrassing revelation that I have a considerably larger sum of capital than I have brains.

    Will this help? I'm sure to rely on instincts rather than techniques......OH well...I take well to a good shellacking occasionally

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    I want to be good at chess, need to improve openings and so on

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    Main reason were the videos. They are excellent!

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    I will not be a diamond member much longer if the video keeps stopping for me on my iPhone after seven minutes. That is a main reason I became diamond is I can watch as many videos as I want on my iPhone. Works on computer but who cares? I only use this feature on my iPhone. Please fix or you will lose me

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