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    Because the software has too many bugs and technical support does not respond to my emails.  I lost a total of 50 points over the last month due to refresh problems in your software.  Today, I play 3 games:  first user abandoned the game, second game I won, third game the user resigned.  Then I get a warning message that my account has been restricted and I have to wait 5 minutes between games for violating the fair play policy.  How absolutely ridiculous!   I played each game, I did not sit there and not move, and I did not fail to reconnect when I was disconnected for a few seconds.  No, I will not even consider premium membership until your software engineering staff starts doing some serious QA before they install upgrades. 

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    I decided not to be a premium member. With all the respect that I have to the Chess players I failed to love chess and no one not even one of advertisement sector not even a master unlike, can change my mind!

    I leave 100$ to the waiter and is not a matter of money. I'm waiting!

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    I think I took platinum because at the time I wanted not to be restricted to 3 live tournaments a week.

    I was also doing some of the lessons on openings earlier in the year, and I got a certain amount per day. If I'd had diamond membership I might have never stopped to do anything else all day.


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    I am not due to the rude and impolite behavior between players in the games. Now with the good V3 and more filtering that may change

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