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Wizard Chess

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    This is sort of like a weird idea, but lots of people are fans of Harry Potter, and in the Harry Potter series they have this thing called "wizard chess". It's the same as normal chess, but the pieces are alive, and I thought it might be interesting if there was something like that on chess.com. Innocent

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    I'd image that would be quite hard to program! But it would be quite interesting if the programmers were able to create some fun animations and graphics like that.

    Right now there are some other very important features that are being worked on. We are working to improve the Live Chess and develop the games and opening explorer feature.

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    This is a bit like battle chess, which I saw maybe 20 years ago.

    The pieces used to get up and fight when they met on the square with different fights and deaths depending on the pieces fighting.

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    ahah i remember battle chess! Was magic :)
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    I to remember Battle Chess, along with the three level chess played on that SiFI show years ago

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