Book for youngsters !!


Matthew Sadler - Tips for Young Players

i just found this on my laptop - it could be usefull for people teaching chess to kids

if anyone is intersted by this book - send me a private message - i'll send it to you - it would help any kid real intersted in learning chess deeply.


Good answer. I am always slightly bothered when someone puts in weeks of hard work on a product and it then gets transmitted free over the internet.

(And good luck with your latest book, streetfighter. I ordered a copy and hope to soon get it in the mail.)


i understand your point - and you're  right about it.

i do not feel offended at all - don't worry.

my intentions were not to ruins out matthew saddler as much as he probably is.
I wanted to share a masterpiece that could help a lot of kids to improve greatly in chess, this book is simply awesome.

Around here, from my personal experience - chess book are a pain to get - i'm not icelandic native and do not understand the language at all - actualy, i am french - but i've learn english as my second language - if i want english or french books i got to ship em, and it costs 25$ additional fee of shipping to get a 15$ book.

i know you're a writer, and i understand how my proposal may have affect you.
I'm sorry about this - but i only want to help people that have not the luck, or the fortune to get good books(especially for kids) written in language they understand.

Again - i'm sorry about this - my intentions were not to be a total prick that ruins people's life.



since i got your attention - can you enlight me on how it works ?
if you put your book's pdf on amazon for 10$ - do you get every pennies of it ?

i'm aware the 25$ shipping is additional money i pay if i want the real thing, do you get any of that 25$? - and if i would decide to only get the pdf - does the host keeps a cut of the money ?

Thanks for your answers


that is very inspirational Andy - i'm glad you made it all by yourself - that is a great exemple of 'when you really want, you really can'

and that also makes me understand how hard it is to successfully publish a book trought internet - i've learn a lot from that post

Thanks for your time to type out that complete answer - much apprecieted

ha ! I'm actualy working in a restaurant as a busboy - and i'm trying to keep up with my appartment and visa... i never have money for myself, luckily, my interests are not expensive (Chess and Photography)

See you around !


Oi vc fala português


Lots of people do it. It's become a thing.