chess coach for kids 8-10

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    Hi.  I'm looking for a chess coach good with kids ages 8-10 with a rating of about 1000.  I've tried some highly rated coaches but they talked over my kids heads. 

    Thanks in advance.

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    You check this page out:

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    Well, I have been teaching kids from 5-10 in 3 years, and I dont think kids can learn over a computer, even using skype or so, you have to find an OTB coach.

    You need to find someone who has teached kids before and know how they learn. They dont need to be very good, the rating doesnt really matter, as long they are not really bad.

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    I teach chess to kids (K-6) in the school system here in San francisco and you have to find someone who doesn't talk over their heads. I know some great players who are bad teachers. The trick is clear explanations and pattern recognition. I had three of my students take 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their division at a local tournament. One of them had just started playing chess this year. There is a certain skill set required to teach kids how to improve their game.

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