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    As a begginer, should i learn some openings or just play by logic?
    Any  other tip is useful too. 

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    Logic + basic opening principles (from a short article or video).

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    Can I have some links where I can practise and see those? 

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    The more I play, the better I get. I try to learn from what my opponents do especially if they are better than me.
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    Opening is the least important part of the game. You need to pick up a solid, unorthodox opening to get your opponent out of saddle (they all want to crush you in less than ten moves by parroting opening lines like crazy - once in an unknown territory, they have no clue what to do next). What you want though is thorough understanding of ideas of the opening you've chosen, not moves (and what kind of play and plan you should go for in the middlegame). 

    Once you get out of the opening unscarred, your better understanding of middle and end game will tell.

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