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  • #1

    I'll post my defeats in here.

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    First starting with a win Smile

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    Another win inspired by Morphy vs NN!..Fresh game .only the 'endgame' part is little amateurish! Embarassed

    Its all about development!

  • #4

    Queen Trap!(Moral - Look before you leap!)

  • #5

    New game tag is 'Miraculous Draw'.Too many errors and a over confident opponent!

  • #6

    where are the defeats

  • #7

    Danish gambit Backfired.thnx to Opponent error.endgame is stupidish that's why this game here

  • #8

    I am posting some games  just played,no defeats encountered yet.

  • #9

    Last game for today.

    It's called as Defender of the Pawn island.


     Here black bishop will try to defend 4 pawn island alone against white knight owning two island!

    Impossible knowing that black surrenders.

  • #10

    I am playing as black in this game trying to destroy opponent's 'hyper modern' piece setup

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    Not a game to be proud of. live standard game.

  • #14

    Here I played C4 instead of C3 of ponjania opening and my op was out of book immediately

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    analyzing a blitz game is foolish but that's a pre computer age comment and master's in general comment on master area.


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