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endgame book for kids?

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    I am looking for a book for children (ages 10 to 12) on endgames (or that includes a good section on endgames).  Any suggestions would be most welcome.  Thank you.

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    It's nearly impossible to find the right book for children. For example, MacEnulty's The Chess Kid's Book of King and Pawn Endgame looks very well written to me, but it received terrible reviews on amazon.com. 

    Maybe Seirawan's Winning Chess Endings ? Not too much theory, pretty good explanations. 

    Under no circumstances should Fine's Basic Chess Endings be given to kids. A 500+ page brick, small print, hard to read.

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    Thanks for your help.  I have John Nunn's book, but it's clearly over the heads of the kids I'm coaching.   Seirawan's book is a very good suggestion.  I have it somewhere, and I'll try to track it down!  Thanks, again.

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    Check out Chess Camp Volume 4 - Elementary Endgames.  It's a collection of endgame puzzles for kids.  No text.  Just puzzles.

    I'm going through Silman's Complete Endgame Course with my 7-year old son, but he's not reading the book himself.  I present the material in the book to him and have him solve the positions.  He absolute loves this.  It's his favorite chess thing to do.  I imagine intelligent 10-12 year olds could read the book for themselves.

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    Thanks very much for the suggestion!

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    When i was that age any book would do and make it cheap as they will destroy it but keep it forever. Just something that will cover the basics and not to wordy ........zzzz. They just want to play.


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