HALF GAME (Medio-Juego)


Phase of the game between the opening and the end. The half game is in fact the body of the game and in it the decisive and determining actions of its outcome usually take place. If we take into account that the initial phase "opening" is played almost always in accordance with well-known patterns, it is in the second phase, "half game" when the game begins to differentiate itself from the others and to acquire its own character. 

Therefore, if memory plays an essential role in the opening, in the middle game the imagination imposes its superiority, fruit of it are maneuvers, tactical blows, offensive and defensive actions, and, under a broader conception, the strategy in order at the end. 

Among players of a certain chess force, it is in the phase of the half game in which the game is resolved, gaining, almost always, that which has a more agile and active fantasy. Among masters (GM) aware of the opening and tactical game, the outcome usually occurs in the end. Between beginners, the game is already set in the opening or initial phase (END)




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Big problem of mine I am using imaginations in the opening instead of following pre set opening patterns.

The only pre set opening I play with certainty is the Benoni.

I'm slowly forming a battle strategy from your post/teachings Queen Reina

Thank you


Chess in school is very easy :ghost


Is this article just a copy paste of the original online version somewhere like from the wikipedia ?? I'm just curious


In English, it's called "the middle game", not "half game".


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