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Kids vs kids online chess

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    I have a 6 year old with a pretty keen interest in the game.  I set her up with an account, mostly so I can play her from work - but I'm wondering if there is anything on chess.com that caters to kids, especially really young ones, playing each other online?


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    Thanks, I'd checked that out and she has an account there.  However they don't have an iphone/ipad/android client, which is a major convenience.  But there's plenty of other good stuff to be had there, so I appreciate the post.

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    Honestly there is not really need to age group people on chess. It is not like baseball that age difference made a difference.

    With this in mind, the idea of finding online playmates should go arround level of game. So maybe you should consider give your kid a regular account and automatly block chat for games, and pretty much you are set. I think chesskid.com is more kid apealing in that the cartoons and the look of the page make it look more fun, No idea what parenting tools the offer.

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    Yeah you make a good point.  Actually might be healthier for her ego to always assume it could have been an adult that handed her a defeat :-).   Thanks again for the comments.

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    I'm not that old and my score isn't too awful. It really doesn't matter. And this way, I can tell myself I was beaten by an adult. At school I don't have that luxury.

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    Setting up a regular account and blocking the chat would be a good way to go. I teach chess in the school system here in San Francisco and I encourage my younger students to play chess with anyone willing to play. Chesskid.com offers some excellent tutorial videos that explain specific ideas in a very clear, easy to digest manner. I say use both!

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    Tiggyboo : I have some young students who play on chess.com . And i can try to arrange a match with your kid. But since most of my students have  already gone through few moths of chess training they may be too strong for your kid. Still I can find someone close to his strength if I see some of his games. But for that you have to message his ID to me.


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