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Looking for coacher.

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    Hi everybody. I am beginner of chess. I liked to play chess, so I bought a program called Deep Fritz. I wouldn't explain what is it so http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_Fritz . I tried to win with my PC at very low ply - 2 *stop laughing* but it's never happend. I am looking for someone who could check my chess notation and say what I have did wrong. Or someone who will play chess with me and give me tips as "Are you sure of this movement?". Well... I think it's not SO heavy work to pay for it, so... is there anybody who would like to be "that kind of coacher"?

    BTW : I know how to calculate so, don't think that I am "pushing" myself into checkmate. Or that I am giving rook for bishop or knight.

    Thanks already for reading. Bye!

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    Was that you playing in the above game as you beat the chess.com computer on its hardest level?.

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    It was my grandmother, I thought that computer would win with this level... ...if grandmother can win, you should improve your computers...

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    Dude! You just wrote a comment and no one has even clicked on the topic :(

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    I am a coach! Check out my profile: www.chess.com/coach/eric


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