Not 3 years old yet...

Nope dude

I'd have been eight when I got a chess set in '72 (after the Fischer/Spassky leap in the interest in the game) and soon enough my dear old Dad stopped playing with me because I beat him all the time.  What if was a thing then?


you have the right idea starting him young. I did the same with my son . it's not important to make him a master. Stress playing for fun, it not being important to win all the time. stress you learn more from losing a game. I started my son playing tournaments at 7. He played all sports and went to 8 to 10 chess tournaments a year I got him a few lessons from a chess master along the way. He played on his high school chess team and they won back to back state championships. he burnt out playing competitively but helped get himself a scholarship to a great college . Chess gave him an increasable memory and will to win and work hard at whatever he took on. His chess accomplishments helped get him into dental school. need I say more have fun with it dosnt matter if you win or loose those games it will make him smart


Wow, this thread's still going. Hope your 4 year old still enjoys chess happy.png