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reaching goals

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    I'm 14 years old and I'm rated 1944 USCF. I was wondering if getting GM by age 21 is possible. I just thought some feedback would be interesting! Thanks

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    (For those who read and don't know, this means very roughly FIDE 1950.)

    GM by age 21, probably not. I know, people like Carlsen did it even faster, but they are not humans. With all due repect, the odds are against you being the genius of the century. I would say reaching GM someday is possible, and that's already much more than I would ever be able to do.


    However, how dull and boring I might sound, I would not advise to try seriously becoming a GM. Why ? Because trying seriously means sacrificing all professional life and studies to chess, and even by doing so you are not sure to reach the GM goal. Professional chess is incredibly competitive.


    Yet, congratulations for that rating at your age !

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    Carlsen is human after all.he also make mistakes in his games.So that means every one has the potential to be what they want.

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    Possible, but not probable.  That said, you're obviously destined to become a titled player if you wish and as Irontiger has said: congratulations on your high rating.  Other titled players have made the observation that each rating jump becomes roughly twice as hard as the one before it.  The hill you're climbing just keeps getting steeper as you go.  Others have done it of course and maybe you will too if you're incredibly ambitious and hardworking and have the support of your parents.  Best of luck....

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    This is a question you should ask to a pro US chess coach.

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    superdomo wrote:

    Carlsen is human after all.he also make mistakes in his games.So that means every one has the potential to be what they want.

    Yes, obviously. What I mean is that for one Carlsen, they are thousands of young chess players that worked as hard as him without reaching even IM, and Carlsen had obviously innate talents for chess.

    As for "everyone has the potential, as long as you work enough for it", it might be true to some extent (country, a good deal of luck, etc.) in (real) professional life, but it certainly is not in sports, arts, or chess.


    This is why I would not advise to get into professional chess : you will have to work hard, and maybe you still won't get what you expect from it. But of course, it's your choice, and if you reached that rating so fast maybe you are indeed the next genius...

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    Traptics_ 1944 USCF is around 1844 FIDE and to be a GM you need 2500, so need to win around 700 points. I looked an avarage of 100 point/years gain for players who became GMs. So from this point of view your goal is very much reachable. On the other hand, all the GMs I know at age 14 were around 2200 or higher rated players, but If you started late or if did not study and play too much, then maybe if you start to study and play a lot, then you can reach your goal.

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    Just to let people here know, I just saw this, and I can personally attest that Traptics_ has been gaining rating points at a phenomenal rate over the last two years.  He was rated in the 1500s (NWSRS, which I think is a bit higher than USCF sometimes) about 2 1/2 years ago.  Which is, to say, a lot faster than average.  FIDE titled player?  I'd say probably by 21, if he gets enough access to strong tournaments for experience, and international tournaments for norms.  GM?  I'm not going to say; all I can say is that my OTB record against him is 0-5.

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    as a 14  year old with that rating you could certainly be a very spectaculer player and maybe if you tried hard enough a GM.

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    Perfectly possible.

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    no havent reached my goal my yet, still not millionaire...

    but yeah its perfectly possible i heard radjabov started with 14


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