Right age to introduce chess to your children?

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    He / she would listen. I used to sing to mine. They didn't care if I couldn't.


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    madhacker wrote:

    Read them My System in the womb

    Which womb do you reckon is best - bedwomb, bathwomb or living womb?

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    Probably 5-7, you want them to start early.

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    The best time is never.  Chess is an addiction-- woe unto you if you are kinda of good-- you will never make a living, but it will distract you from all the other 'games' in life, like nature, family, a craft that is actually useful, an art that is not limited what is basically a fancy crossword puzzle.  Chess feeds the competitive ego too in an unhappy way.

    My $.02

    N.B. not saying that I every was 'good', just looking at other lives I've observed and a bit of my own experience.

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    maybe 11 is good?

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    For most children, 7-10 is the right age. For future GMs, they need to start at 4. As a general guideline, children should know how to read and write before learning chess. Basic literacy develops anytime from age four to never, depending on the child's genetics and home environment.
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    protect your kids from chess.

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