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Right age to introduce chess to your children?

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    I was introduced to chess when I was 5. 

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    I learned it when I was five. My parents bought a game case that had several different games and chess was included. I asked mom to show me how it is played and she tried to make it sound as boring as possible, but I still wanted to play. I regret nothing. 


    I taught my nephew to play and he's 8.



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    At least 70

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    CookedQueen wrote:

    At least 70

    = = = = = = = = = = =

    Am I too late to learn? I'm just 79 . . . . . .


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    DENVERHIGH wrote:

    CookedQueen wrote:

    At least 70

    = = = = = = = = = = =

    Am I too late to learn? I'm just 79 . . . . . .


    If you are to old to learn chess, your pity, otherwise great and wise age to teach your kids.

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    Introduce them at 2 using a set where the pawns are small enough for the kid to choke on it, then collect life insurance!  LOL!

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    I think the perfect age to learn is 7 or 8. It is not too young where they won't understand it, and not too old that they will be distracted by other things without giving chess a chance.

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    Chess is necessary for children to counter the mindless video games they play. It is a way to get them to learn old fashioned thinking skills like planning, reflection, delayed gratification and abstract cause-and-effect exercise.  The day to teach them is the  day they play their first video game.  

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    the right age to introduce chess to your children is 10-12 if you want results of pure chess. Introducing before makes chess a fixation and a dangerous weapon without reason and introducing chess at old age makes chess a reason but chess isnt so slow and escapes the brain.

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    I am pleased that people are introducing chess to their children! I was in the chess TV generation, when I was about 4 years old the BBC had a programme about great chess games of history. What attracted me was that the lovely chess pieces on the board moved all by themselves. However no one explained the rules of the game and the graphics on the board shiowed arrows where the pieces could move, but no one in my house knew how to play chess. Obviously I was no J R Capablanca or I would have taught them all how to play, but all it did was confuse me (I thought the bishop had to move right to the end of its arrow and then the pawn had to take it - this was after a kings pawn opening) It would have been helpful to have an adult to explain things to me at that point, but there was no one to do so. It wasn't till 4 years later I was able to borrow a book from the local library called "Chess for Children" by messrs Bott and Morrison and taught myself how to play. Even then I couldn't find anyone nearby who I could play against (no internet in those days) and I didn't get the opportunity to play competitively until a teacher started a Chess club at school in my second year of secondary education. If your child has an enquiring mind I would say 4 years is old enough to start them but only if they show an interest. However many serious chess players will recall the story of Capablanca at age 4 way hing his dad play chess, telling him he won by cheating and then proceeding to beat him without having had a single lesson on chess. So beware, if you have a child like that you need to call in a professional tutor 😁!

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    If there is interest , I think 4 to 5 years of age is perfect just make it fun at the beginning especially
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    most kids 7/8


    4/5 is definitely early and 9/10 is late.


    too learn any later than 12 is a strong disadvantage IMHO


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