When is the time to hire a private coach for kid age 6?


Yep, starting now.


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My son is 6 years old. His rating is close to 800 after 6 months tournament and less a year learning chess. He won 3 kids with 1000 rating already. And also beat some people at chess.com with 950-1100 rating. I want to plan on when is the time for people hire private coach for their young kid. I don't know if he is really talented in chess but he is very into chess. And sometimes can memorize details of the games. Recently we have pretty intensive chess class. But I want to know in what kind of situation that we should have private coach to teach him? Cost is an issue to us because he is in private school to fit his school life need, so if we don't need to hire private coach too early then it will be better. Or we may need to plan to pull him out from private school early. Thank you. 


I think any time is a good time for private coaching as long as the kid is willing. BUT, if chess coaching cost is an issue (which I take it to mean that it causes some amount of financial stress), then it is never a good time for coaching.


Therefore, my advice is not to hire a coach until its cost becomes negligible for you.



Perhaps he'd want to come to camp! 

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Poor little fella !

I concur.  No little kid is ready for (or needs) a private coach; more likely it's some form of status symbol for the parents.


Yes. Just by how the OP started off the thread, you can tell that he thinks he and his son are special and he's seeking validation in that here. He's not special, nor is his son, and he doesn't need a coach. The fact that this guy's going to make his kid spend the entirety of his childhood not experiencing what any other normal, well adjusted child experiences - simply so he can vicariously live some weird chess fantasy through his son - is the kind of thing that should warrant monitoring by CPS and qualified counselors. 


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At that age, the kid will feel like he HAS TO WIN if he has a coach. That is unhealthy. I once met a great would-be teacher, one of the best in the US once. However, he refused because of the above reasons. I am 1750 OTB and have never had a coach. Oh, and he also recommends NO opening theory until "2500" (though I started studying it once I got to 1400)

What an odd teacher!

This worked... in the 1980s, when there was no internet.

Here is something to do you need to have him associate the game of chess with something. For example when I think of chess I think of battle siege and I hive each piece a personality, this could allow your kid to understand chess a bit better.

Don't get a coach until he stops increasing rating. 


i think if a kid plays in a club and analyses the games with the opponents, spending some time on tactics and reading a simple endgamebook like endgames from beginner to master by jeremysilman i think he will not need a coach in a very long time