warned me for calling someone a homo sapien.


So, I've been working on not getting triggered at people in the public pool. After flagging in a normal position because my wifi is so great, instead of calling my opponent a horrible slur (such as, for example, "A disreputably uncivilized objection to theology and geometry") or other such insults, I decided to call him a Homo Sapien.

In case you aren't aware, Homo Sapien is the scientific way of saying the human species.

Now, possibly, me calling him this would send him into a downward cycle, at the hands of the Goddess Fortuna. If that was/would be the case, I apologize profusely and ask for forgiveness. But, I am almost completely sure that nothing of the sort would come up. If anything, my opponent would probably thank me for educating him and become emotionally attached to my profile picture, and gain an unhealthy desire to extend their knowledge about Homo Sapiens.

This is all speculation, but I ask you, mods: why was I warned for this?




Because their auto bot saw the word *h*omo and took it out of context. 

eovsvin wrote:

Because their auto bot saw the word *h*omo and took it out of context. 

It's a troll post based mainly on a book by John Kennedy Toole




i discovered the hard way you can't put a p word in front of "cat".




next time say a person is homogenized. hm, maybe this is not a good suggestion.


Now I tried saying *h*--omo sapien (minus the 2 dashes) I tought it'll be fine, but I got the same result;
another great misunderstanding (which once actually got me muted) was when my friend asked how do you pronounce sheild in russian, it's

Щит, and if using English letters it's - *s*-hit

I never even knew that word existed in English, and muted me, I was sooo mad! 



when attempting to write something and the site doesn't allow it, the site could simply give a message to alter the word/s, NOT A WARNING! when one moderator made a big whoop to do about some server intensive bla bla bla involved, if a warning message shows up i am certain a message to simply tell a member to alter a word could NOT be more intensive on the site.


why must there be a warning? pointless being the word wouldn't be displayed.


someone posted a link to one of their adult movie clips last night in the forums - but look no warning message evidently was given. illogical isn't it?


Sometimes bots can be so funny. 

stopvacuuming wrote:

youre painfully unfunnny, delete your account


stopvacuuming wrote:

im talking to the original poster

Opps my bad


Capitalize the "H" in the genus. Or abbreviate as "H. sapiens." Species names are not capitalized.


Why call anyone a name?