Resign button in daily chess is extremely poorly placed


When playing a daily game, I use the back and forth buttons every move to analyse what's happening. The resign button is placed directly below the back button, meaning that it is very easy to accidentally click the resign button. Adding to this is the fact that there is NO gap between the back button and the resign button, meaning you can click resign by being 1 pixel off of the back button.

Now to this, you might say, "You can set the resign button to ask you if you want to resign or not and it will give you a yes/no option." But I have my resign button set this way. This pop up places the yes button directly over the back button, meaning that if you're clicking the back button while looking at the chessboard, and your mouse moves one pixel off of the back button while you're analysing your game, you will accidentally click resign. The chessboard won't go back to the previous move, so you'll click again, not thinking that you're about to resign, and just the slightest movement with your mouse will place your cursor on the 'yes' button. And voila, you've clicked 'yes', and you've resigned. Please change its location. I don't want this to happen to me again.


I doubt they will do anything.


This one is from 2012: