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    Well, that was thoughtful.

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    Good. Yes, I am just me. I can trace my ancestry on my father's side to Germany and my wife's family came from Germany, too. I think I have some of this German way of thinking and talking, you see.


    If your respectless demeanor would be anyhow considered normal in my country, I'd have hanged myself a long time ago. Perhaps you misunderstood me (again): When I called you a 'twat' in that other thread and it got locked down by my request, I actually felt bad about you and thought to myself: "Maybe this guy has Jewish relatives who died or were abused during the war. Or he has a neighbor who is German who always steals his newspaper out of his mailbox. Maybe that's why he was so unnecessarily rude and spitelful towards me."

    But I shouldn't have worried, because you are just you, as you just said and how it is evident by the way you address everyone who you deem as inferior to your wealth and/or intellect. And it's easy for me to accept that and make peace with you (in the Chess.com forums), as I will never meet you in person.

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    Good lord, you sound like an adolescent.  I don't speak blah.  Are you sure you're as old as you say you are? 

    I suspect you aren't even from New York.  How long have you lived here might I ask?  You spent a few years studying @ City University living in a Brooklyn suburb, and you're a New Yorker?  Based on your fixation with ethnic jabs, you don't even have a thick enough skin to be a New Yorker, because we speak that tongue like a second language.  This stuff just happens when you live a crowded city with a bunch of different ethnicities.  We give and take around here.  You honestly sound like a tourist. 

    You know what, I'm done.  I've said my piece.  It needed to be said, if only to respect the memory of how much my parents supported me through childhood, the hard work they did, and to recognize that many have benefitted from stuff like financial aid after school programs here in the city. 

    It'd be a lie for me to say otherwise, which I suspect chess_gg is doing.

    Immigrants are no more freeloaders than chess_gg is a New Yorker.  So keep bashing my chess game, using cliched remarks like "have you taken your meds?"... because frankly, you're making yourself more to be an ignorant poser.  Whether you want to believe it or not, YOU'VE benefitted, both in schooling and in your business endeavors.  Did you enjoy your financial aid, your school lunches, your afterschool programs?

    In New York, we all had some kind of assistance, unless you were too rich to get a book of lunch tickets and a bus pass, which any real New Yorker will know what the deal is.

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