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  • #1

    I'm still getting that chess TV splash .. every time   !!!

    please make it go away.


  • #2

    Annoyance is the nearly invisible clock in speed chess. Down low, behind a hovering hand, and really low contrast if you’re black. 


    Put it my clock up top. 

  • #3

    Annoyance is when the chess.com "bot" is double minded . one part of the bot knows that a tournament is ABANDONED and another part of the bot send out a message inviting people to join the thing ? ?

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    I'm still getting that chess TV splash .. every time   !!!

    Why not add an option to disable the SELF ADVERTISING and that way you could still annoy the daylights out of newcomers until they found the KILL BUTTON !!!


  • #5

    Yea that's a good idea Dingtoo


  • #6

    I get the feeling I am wasting my time with site - just hot air -- talking to myself  -  no improvements  in sight ...


  • #7

    I too would like to be rid of that Chess TV ad. Once I click X it should not reappear until the next time I log in. In fact I think it used to be like that. I don't pay good money to be annoyed.

  • #8

    The best I can do is to have 2 bookmarks on the "bookmarks bar"  (chrome) 

        one named login                                        &  one named 'daily chess'

    https://www.chess.com/login_and_go            https://www.chess.com/daily

    so  each time i finish something, the ad pops up; and then I click the 'daily chess' button.

    I do this automatically now even when I didn't want daily chess, but it makes the Ad go away....

  • #9

    I'm still getting that chess TV icon (flag) .. every time   !!!

        i cancel it every time .

    how long must this go on?   

         please make it go away.

               c'mon guys - seriously what is wrong with you?

              this is a site killer !!

  • #10

    I get the feeling I am wasting my time with site -

    just hot air -- talking to myself  - 

    no improvements  in sight ...

  • #11

    a BIG annoyance are those morons disconnecting in a lost position.... especially in speed or blitz: just letting you wait for minutes till their clock is down. chess then often puts a remark like "player has violated our rules and will be blocked if continues this behaviour" But often there is a ton of complaints in the players box, bu no reaction of Chess whatsoever.... When is Chess seriously going to eliminate these unsportmans morons???

  • #12

    Yea it's a bit rough in the arena games


  • #13

    @ Dingtoo

    Is this the Chess TV thing you are talking about?


    I used to experience the large banner type Chess TV ad at the top of my home page, but that is now gone for me.

  • #14

    @opayqe . I think my previous issues with "chess TV banner" were a problem with the browser. I am using win 7 ..   Now i have got rid of firefox then got rid of chrome (which has become a mamoth) and loaded waterfox and vivaldi  this seems to run chess .com a lot better. I try to avoid using internet explorer on win 7   , because it is so destructive.

  • #15

    @Dingtoo. I use Mac and Safari and had the same problem as you, but that seems to have disappeared. I used to have problems with the boards. I would click the analysis button and be presented with an entirely different board. When it did work right, I could not save my analysis. I think I had to delete the cache files often. A lot of browsers leave a lot to be desired. I hope it's working ok for you now.

  • #16

    all good now !!



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