Are "Fun Trophies" the dumbest thing you've ever seen?


I'm sorry but the trophies are bad enough as it is, but the pre-defined captions absurdly limit their applicability.   The small % I might actually want to give someone push the gesture into an entirely inappropriate absurd context and just sound corny.  Can't we get some better options, more trophies gear toward more relevant kinds of statements and praise, and have the option to not include the canned caption?


The whole trophy system needs a complete overhaul IMO. Except the food trophies, they're really perfect.


Not the dumbest by far, but still rather stupid. And the fixed caption indeed is dorky to the extreme. Fire the guy who came up with it.


No, I said shoot the composer ;).

I miss a board where popular requests could be upvoted or something similar. Also, in the Feedback & Suggestions forum, there seem to be very few admin responses.

Innovation and responsiveness of the staff is arguably not one of the prime incentives to become a paying member...