Being able to use a DGT Board

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    yes u can i have same setup works perfect on FICS..ull have to download Babachess it works with FICS

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    DGT board with babasbchess on FICS is the way to play on internet.

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    i think babachess site is down...

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    ok I have to check myself..

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    yes i now read that because of a hacker

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    I finally got me a DGT board. Just been trying it out a bit, and I need some help :)

    - The clock is not showing the moves. "Announce moves" is set under "DGTXL" in the DGT Electronic Board Setup program. Any suggestions?

    - BT is a pain in the ass, and the programs keep hanging. Is this some com port setting issue?

    I started with ICC and it was kind of working, but after checking babaschess with fics, it looks more stable

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    I do not play on ICC so I cannot provide infomation. I use babaschess with fics and do not have any problems.  Just make sure in babaschess you find view electronic board and click it and you should be find.

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    yes click view tab scroll down to electronic board...after little window comes make sure u have the pieces set up on small window if not click on connection on same small window and refresh it  and ur ready to go

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    The DGT e board with the program lucas chess --RATING 5 STARS.

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    i purchased my dgt board over 10 years ago . it cost only $312.00 then , which i thought was too much . but knowing what i know now i think i would still pay the current price though it would be painful . i've used it on ICC on 15 minute games . works great and easy on these 75 year old eyes .the most use i get out of it is playing friends out on the padio with just the board . it saves the moves till i retrieve them on on the pc with fritz . it holds about 500 moves without the pc.i wish i could use it here . :-(

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    I know. But the is going to make the happen. I use my DGT board with FICS and It works will with Babaschess and FICS.

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    one more thing . i set my dgt board on a little metal table and the b2 pawn wouldn't show up on the screen . then i put it on a wooden table and it works great .then i read the manual and it said check that the board is over 4 to 6 inches from any metal .

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    Hi, My friend and I both have recently purchased DGT boards, relatively new, purchased in the past few months, the USB versions. We have had nothing but head aches so far trying to play games with each other or other people across and (chessbase site). does not support the DGT board at this time also, which is quite sad. We have done all that DGT support told us to do, downloaded and installed all their recommended drivers and software on now 5 Windows based computers, both 64 bit and 32 bit versions, loaded all their latest Rabbit plugins, and sent their support logs for analysis. We barely can get through a single game before the overall system stops working, either the ICC or playchess sites stop talking to the driver software (their Rabbit plugin) or the rabbit plugin stops communicating with the USB drivers (and sometimes unplugging the USB and plugging it back in will kick start the rabbit software again but other times it crashes and locks the computers up mid game. We have had to adjourn or abort more games then we can get through using the DGT boards via the Internet. While the boards seem much more stable using Fritz software directly, our primary goal was to use the boards via the Internet to play other people and gain practice for tournament play. Unfortunately, the software and websites interfacing with it don't seem to make DGT connectivity a priority, as for example does not even support them, and we are greatly disspointed in the overall experience so far. We are actively communicating with DGT support, sending them logs, doing what they tell us, but no luck in getting a reliable or enjoyable DGT based experience for either of us so far. So far, the DGT board is almost a big paperweight and waste of money for what we can do with it. We are hoping they and the sites get together and fix their software and drivers, but it appears DGT board owners are a minority and not important overall.

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    hi webiron .

    i bought my dgt board over 12 years ago . when i first bought it i played many 15 min. games on icc and also at home playing against friends and recording the moves without needing to write down the moves . the software i used then was fritz 5.32 . it worked great . then i gave up chess for a few years . about 6 monthes ago i brought my dgt board out of the closet to see if it still worked . it didn't . i tried it with every program i had (fritz 5.32 - fritz 8 - shredder - tiger chess - rybka 4) etc. with no luck . i went on the internet and downloaded all the newer drivers . i even wrote holland . i still couldn't get it to work . forget that i couldn't use it on icc . i couldn't get it to work at home just playing friends . a couple months ago i purchased "chess base 12" for other reasons than the dgt board . but i decided to try it on the dgt board and i'll be damed ! it works ! i havn't tried it on any chess sites but it works at home  on my win 7 and my win 8 . but it won't work on win 98 or me 2000 which it did before . i know what your going thru . i went thru hell ! freaking computers ! :-(  oh by the way . don't put it on a metal table .

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    I have a crappy novag citrine, had no idea there was DGT back in 08. Never saw it on any chess store at the time. Too bad, i hate the novag board but only having to plug into a tiny little black thing to play a computer was nice.

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    i would be willing to pay another $50.00 to be able to use my dgt board on .

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    i would be willing to pay another $50.00 to be able to use my dgt board on .

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    I suggest to play on FICS and use the GUI babaschess. Babaschess GUI work very well with the DGT eboard.

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    Hey all there, I have just got my DGT Chess Board and I was wondering if by now there is support for my Wood Chess Board on Please advise!

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    Piratin13 wrote:

    Hey all there, I have just got my DGT Chess Board and I was wondering if by now there is support for my Wood Chess Board on Please advise!


    As far as I'm aware, it isn't available. 

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