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block member feature is busted

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    i keep getting games with a member i already blocked. what the heck's going on?

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    Are you clicking their seek ad?  (not sure if you'd see the seek ads here of those you've blocked, but on other sites you do see them)

    Are you referring to tournament games?  I don't think 'blocking' would affect matchups in tournament games.


    ps.  This is not really a 'suggestion' topic imo, you might do much better for helpful replies, in the Help and Support forum.

  • #3

    somehow, they got unblocked and i blocked them again.

    i don't click on seeks ever. i just do a generic seek 15m 0-2000 rated and play  whoever shows up and block the trash talkers.

    if the internet didn't offer mute buttons, i wouldn't be here LOL.

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    Well, maybe you're sleep surfing (and unblocking members when you visit your chess.com account).  Maybe your PC's open to someone at home/work who's messing about.  Or maybe you've a memory lapse of having forgiven the blockees.


  • #5

    Are they tournament games?  I think that this is an exception (by design) to the block functionality regarding game matching, and with good reason.

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    no, i only play regular games, and i had JUST blocked the member after our last game and repeatedly kept getting them with every seek. the only other thing i can think of is that i accidently double clicked the button because of lag or something as the last time i saw them, they were unblocked.

    there isn't a limit on blocks is there? i'm a very low patience for BS type. i only wish you could use a mute button in real life because there are a lot of people out there i'd like to shut up.

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    I've been told there's a '200' limit on blocks.

    But yes, double clicking might activate and de-activate the blocking function.  You can visit your block's list to confirm that someone's on it.


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    i'll have to be more selective about who i block then as it doesn't take much for me to do it. there are way too many aborts and people that take up to a minute to start a game, but patzers that log out because you just grabbed their queen en prise are the worst. if ny heart isn't in a game, i'll resign. if you don't want to play someone of a particular rating or whatever, then set your seek filters accordingingly.

    thanks for the heads up on that critical info.


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