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Communist chess

  • #41

    I do not know whether you are joking or not. He is fun to play against but very annoying at the same time

  • #42

    Well his account got closed down for cheating so I win by disqualification technically whch is not really a true win. Never the way I wanted to beat a 2100 player (or engine in this case)

  • #43

    His account wasn't closed for cheating.

  • #44

    It says that his account was closed down :s It must of been closed for cheating.

  • #45

    He could have closed it himself.

    It doesn't have the cheater symbol, it wasn't closed for engine use.

    Good win though. The satisfaction you must get from it shows those sort of positions are worth playing.

  • #46

    I didn't gain any satifaction out of the win.

  • #47

    So why were you wasting his and your time playing on?!

  • #48

    I trying to get the pawn to the end.

  • #49

    He's rated 2100! I'm sure he'll spot that plan. At worst he can just take the pawn and promote his h pawn.

  • #50

    Laughed so hard when I was reading 1st page. :)


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