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fair play policy

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    Hi for some reason this site is saying I'm not playing by the fair play policy rules. So now I have to wait 5 minutes in between games, even if somebody abandon's me. I never abandon games, and it started right after I won a game. It's the weekend, usually when I play most. I'm just wondering does anyone else have this problem, and is there any way to get this reversed. Especially considering I always play by the rules. 

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     I so play fair. Never let the time run out by any means. Thanks though. 

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       How would I contact chess.com

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    Ylou need to play fair

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    You don't just necro a thread, Shaw.

    Also he said he DOES play fair, so why would you just post the opposite?

    AND, theres no discussion on this thread. So no reason to post. He's forever alone :P

    (Not to be mean or anything)

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    Rob356, I agree ! the same thing happens to me. Why should we have to wait 5 minutes after they disconnect. Two would be plenty of time for them to log back on if they have a problem.

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    Maybe I know Rob ElementaryMaster


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