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Fix the Long Post Lost

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    Unless you're annotating a game. Preview doesn't help in that case either. I'm with Borg' on this one.

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    Bigpoison was assimilated!Surprised

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    All the "solutions" offered so far are like band aids for a broken arm.  

    There are thousands of diamonds, crowns and gold stars.  Chess.com can easily afford to make it so that chess.com doesn't need to time out for 24 hours.

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    That time-out is a security measure. 24 hours is way too long.

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    Then the user should be able to choose.  

    I have no security issue to worry about from chess.com.  If I want security I lock my computer, which I do every time I stand up from my computer.  

    Not being able to choose to bypass this stupid "server disconnecting on ya" issue is a complete violation of the "fair play policy" imo.

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    And in any case, it's nothing to do with security.

    If I leave my post unsubmitted/unpreviewed for a week, I can come back to it, hit F5/refresh and I am still logged into chess.com... so what exact security concern is being addressed by the server aborting user posts after 30 minutes.  Do tell.

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    BorgQueen is absolutely right, this is not a security issue. Walk away from your device & even after several hours somebody else can come along & do whatever they want with your account.

    I can't remember ever being forcibly logged off, even when I've forgotten to log out from one day to the next!

    I remember challenging the 30 minute limit with the staff & being told it was done so long ago, they couldn't recall why it was done that way-lol.

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    TheGrobe wrote:

    Well, in any case, if you're punching out such a long post that you surpass the timeout limit there's a good chance your post was too long anyway and wouldn't have been read.

    That's not the most sensible of remarks is it Grobe? Most of the posts I write aren't long, just complicated. If you're inserting a single game diagram with annotation, it's very easy to go over the limit!

    Another thing - the timer starts from the moment you load or refresh the page, so if I've had a page open for 25 minutes & forget to refresh it, I only have 5 minutes in which to write & submit my post - had you realised that?

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    Indeed, and I am one who opens 10 tabs at a time, so that is a key issue right there stephen.

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    BorgQueen wrote:

    Totally agree, but meh, I'm over it now, I just don't bother to write long posts here anymore... and I am sure others do the same.


    Like me, for example. Wink  Why bother annotating a game if you're probably just going to lose all your notes at the end?

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    Also, when a member gets banned or closes his account, don't delete his posts or threads that he started.

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    @macer75 - what on earth does that have to do with the topic, lol?

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    And save the whales!

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    AndyClifton wrote:

    And save the whales!

    And save Wales as well because that's where I live  Wink

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    Except then we'll all be overrun with Tom Joneses!

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    What's a Borgqueen?

  • #137

    A Borgprincess after coronation!

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    I guess a borg is just a grob spelled backwards.


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