For Erik !


Here are the first 5 suggestions posted by members on the thread Erik started on improving the forums.


I have posted messaged Erik to inform him these are now up and hopefully we will see some form of response.


In the absence of any suggestions to the contrary I will now be posting these once a week in groups of 5.


In between I will be posting another 5 for those who made the suggestions to check


 1. btickler


How about an option for users in settings to remove "Off Topic" threads from showing up in these categories?  That would allow everyone to filter out the junk, if they so choose.  Maybe set the setting to "on" by default ;)...


2. pdela


As for the question, I think there are several things that can be done, such as allow people to rate positive or negative the comments of people and the OP itself, sort out answer by rating, or insert quiz’s maybe in  a special forum to solve difficulties with chess




3. socialista


You can give the option to hide threads by OPs, since there are many people that create threads in "General Chess Discussion", but those are never chess related




4 DrCheckevertim


 One problem I see with the current forums is that people can edit their post anytime and in any way, without a problem. In most forums, there is a time window in which you can edit posts. Not only that, but after a few minutes passes, it will say on your post that your post was edited. This makes it so that people can't edit their post 5 days later and completely obscure the conversation. As is, it's very easy to "troll" by editing your post to something completely different, and few people will ever know the original message.


5. Turbofish


There is an obvious solution to the too much/not enough moderation debate.  Simply give each member the ability to control whose posts they see, as is done on Facebook.  For example, if I find the posts of ObnoxiousGuy999 to be offensive, I could add him to my private do-not-see list.  Then I would no longer see any of his posts (until I took him off my list).  I would instead see a blank space or similar place-holder associated with that post number (preserving the post numbering).  Every other member (that hasn't yet added him to their list) could still see all of ObnoxiousGuy999’s posts.  Initially, upon implementation of this system, every member's do-not-see list would be blank -- we could all see each other's posts.


This approach would simultaneously allow maximum freedom of speech, and personalized filtering.  And the moderators would have a much smaller work load (still needed for filtering out blatant hate-speech and unapproved advertisements).




Erik, what do you think of these proposals ?


No input from myself other than to post the suggestions.














That's a great idea, btickler HAR HAR


They were all great ideas, but he never had any intention of listening !

Too obsessed with v3