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    Hello to all! So I’m gonna be in a tournament, and if there is a tie, they play hourglass chess. Basically, 2 full minutes in play, each player has

    1:00 | 1:00

    every time you move, instead of just disappearing, it adds to the other persons clock! E.g. Took 12 seconds for white to move:

    0:48 | 1:12

    Could you PLEASE make this a feature on chess.com with a 

    1 min per side

    3 min per side

    5 min per side

    and 10 min per side?




    (if you think this is a good idea, comment below!)

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    Holy cow, (or holy hamburgers) thanks for liking the idea (yes I scrolled the whole way...) but wow, what spam

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    comment on my profile!!!

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    I think it's a great idea, Caleb! I'd totally play you in that...

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    Neat idea! I've played it elsewhere before. Have you ever played Russian Chess? tongue.png

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    whats russian chess

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    I think hourglass chess is a great idea!!! It sounds interesting also.

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    it would suck for someone who plays very slow 

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    hanqi wrote:

    whats russian chess

    I googled it and apparently it's the russian chess chess federationfrustrated.png

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    hanqi a écrit :

    it would suck for someone who plays very slow 

    Actually it might not because it would mean that of the opponent takes his time so as not to risk blundering them the time trouble disappears. Flagging would be basically impossible

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    eh yeah


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